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Bringing Families Back to the Table with Foods that Cater to You!

Grunge Wood


salami pinwheels.jpg
bacon bombs.jpg
crack corn dip.jpg
bacon ranch cheese ball bites.jpg
Grunge Wood

Soups and Accompaniments

italian bread with garlic compound butter.jpg
zuppa toscana.jpg
spinach pastries.jpg
tomato basil soup.jpg
ham and cheese pinwheels.jpg
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italian sausage in peppers and onions with cheesy polenta.jpg
pulled pork baked potato.jpg
french toast casserole.jpg
baked most.jpg
meatloaf and smashed potatoes.jpg
balsamic chicken and italian vegetables.jpg
egg strata.jpg
chicken fajitas.jpg
Grunge Wood


corn casserole.jpg
pecan praline sweet potato casserole.jpg
artisan mac n cheese.jpg
california medley roasted vegetables with garlic parm seasoning.jpg
Grunge Wood


ham and pea tortellini salad.jpg
wedge salads.jpg
grape salad.jpg
chef salad.jpg
berry salad.jpg
Grunge Wood

Add Ons

sausage breakfast burrito.jpg
salami sliders.jpg
pot roast.jpg
cheddar bacon ranch mini burgers.jpg
Grunge Wood


apple pie breakfast cookie.jpg
turtle pretzel candies.jpg
apple cider doughnut holes.jpg
lemon cookies.jpg
candycane kiss cookies.jpg
strawberry thumbprints.jpg
Grunge Wood

Catering/Special Orders

2022 party platter.jpg
bacon cheddar scone.jpg
garden salad.jpg
french croissants.jpg
fruit tray.jpg
cherry cheese pastries.jpg
apple cinnamon scones.jpg
potato rolls.jpg
strawberry shortcake.jpg
pineapple upside down cake.jpg
cookie platter 2_edited.jpg
cookie platter.jpg
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